What is it?

A jam-packed 4 days, 3 nights in a stunning Airbnb  minutes away from the Oregon Coast. There will be 4+ stylized shoots to expand your portfolio, stretch your posing abilities, and enrich your creative direction for your business. While the shoots are going to be so breathtaking and fun-filled, we are really going to get deep into the content, instruction, and knowledge that is going to help you grow and develop into the photographer that you are so devoted to becoming! 

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Who is it for?

We welcome anyone and everyone to this all-female devoted workshop! However, the content and shoots are catered to be most beneficial for photographers who have been in the industry for more than 1 year. We do ask that each attendee have basic working knowledge of their DSLR, as basic camera settings will not be covered in the workshop. With that said, this workshop is designed for those who want to dive deeper into the wedding and elopement photography industry. So if you feel like this is what you're needing for your business right now and you are just dying to devote everything to this passion, we want you here!

What will I learn?

There will be 7+ discussion lectures on topics such as:

- Branding & Standing Out

- Harnessing your passion

- Attracting YOUR ideal client

- Traveling & Destination Weddings

- Instagram & Marketing

- Taxes and Licenses

- Posing & Client Interaction

- Pricing 

- Editing & Honing in on YOUR style

- Backups, hardware, & software

+ so much more!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost and what all does it include?

We have done our very best to make this workshop extremely affordable by:

- offering a small deposit (Less than 1/3 the total cost of the workshop)

- offering TWO  discounts (see below)

- working with a payment plan for payments outside of the deposit

That being said, a single seat in the workshop is $1800 (deposit $600 of the $1800) and includes:

+ 4 days, 3 nights accommodation in our private Airbnb

+ All meals and snacks provided during the workshop

+  Multiple discussion lectures from Katie Griffith and Ashley Taylor

+ 2+ portfolio building elopement styled shoots

+ 2+ portfolio building adventurous couples/in home shoots

+ a free personal portrait session for each attendee by Katie or Ashley

+ free personalized goodies

+ One on one time for each participant with Katie and Ashley

+ a whole lot of laughs and memories, life long friendships, and a freaking good time!

*does NOT include travel to/from the workshop, meaning flights and rental cars.

Why $1800?

+ WE GO ALL OUT to make sure that this experience is absolutely incredible for you guys! We don't skimp out on the Airbnb, the meals, the locations, or the styled shoots! Literally our budget for this workshop is huuuuge cuz we want to spend as much as we can on you lovelies!

+ LONGER DURATION. It broke our hearts to see our girls leave so soon at our past workshop! So we decided to make this next workshop a day longer (4 days instead of 3). With this extra day will come more instruction, more one on one time, and more down time to hang with the girls!

+ EXPERIENCE & PREPARATION. We both have experience teaching in mentor sessions and our past workshops! We spend countless hours, days and WEEKS prepping for this incredible experience, to make sure it leaves you absolutely refreshed and inspired. We are constantly facetiming, texting, and calling each other everyday to make sure that every detail is perfectly in order.

+ VENDORS. Can we just talk for a minute about how many incredible people we get to work with on these workshops?! Like holy moly. Coordinating and contracting with them is serious business, and they are giving their whole heart to this experience as well.

How many attendees/seats will there be?

We are making the atmosphere and setup of this Devoted Workshop intimate and personal, thus we will only have 18 seats available. 

How does the deposit work? Do you offer payment plans?

Out of the $1800 cost of attendance, $600 is due at the time of registration as a nonrefundable deposit to secure your seat. The remaining $1200 is usually paid in 2 installments of $600; one 4 weeks before the workshop, and the second 2 weeks before the workshop. This is done so that no one is left with a big remaining balance so close to the workshop, and makes the investment more manageable :) However, you're definitely able to send money earlier and have your balance paid off as early as you'd like.

The deposit is 100% nonrefundable.

Are there any discounts available?


Heck yes!!

+ If you and a friend sign up together, you'll each receive $50 off the total price

of the workshop.

+ If you sign up during the early bird period, you'll receive $100 off!

How does the payment plan work if I signed up during the early bird period?

+ If you signed up during the early bird period, your 2nd and 3rd payment will only be $550 each instead of $600, which will add up to the $100 off your total.

What does the One-On-One time entail?

During the workshop, there will be a window of time dedicated to each attendee with Katie and/or Ashley, where we can talk about anything and everything that YOU specifically need. We can look over your pricing, your website, your editing, your client emails, ANYTHING. During this time we will also work with each attendee on setting specific goals for them and their business.

What's the best way to actually GET TO the workshop?

We will be staying just outside of Portland, and recommend flying into the Portland International Airport.

Second, we recommend renting a car with 3-4 other attendees to drive to the Airbnb! We will provide a list of the attendees to you when you register so that you can buddy up with a few people and split the cost of the rental car. For example, with 4 attendees sharing the cost of a car, the cost would only be around $50 per person for the entire workshop. However, we will not be organizing rental car transportation as part of the workshop price. This is just a suggestion of what to do if you don't want to pay for an entire rental car yourself.

What if I registered and paid the deposit, but am no longer able to attend?

Unfortunately the deposit is non-refundable, as stated above. However, it is transferable, in that you may try and sell your spot to someone else in the event you are unable to attend. You can also hold your deposit for a future Devoted Workshop. We do this because we really care about those who choose to invest in our workshop and their own business. With this said, please make sure you're able to attend before registering.

What time does it start and end? I'm trying to figure out flights and travel!


Such a good q! The workshop will start at 5 pm on May 4th, and end at 10 am on May 7th.


What if we are a photographer duo? Do we need to buy one seat or two?


You will need to buy two seats for the workshop, as there will be two minds to enrich, two cameras to capture the moments, two mouths to feed yummy food, and two bed spaces to occupy :)


What are the sleeping arrangements like at the Airbnb?


We made sure not to skimp out on this experience for you all, and we have made sure that every attendee will have their own twin size / full size bed, or a king size bed to share with another attendee. No one will be sleeping on couches or air mattresses on the floor :)

What if I want to bring my S/O and make a trip out of it?

Oh this sounds SO FUN! We've had attendees do this in the past, but theres definitely a certain way to make this happen. With this being said, we recommend having your S/O fly out once the workshop is over, that way you can spend a few more days there with them! Again, we wont have any free time during the workshop, and the Airbnb is a private accommodation for attendees only. 




Will there be any free time during the 4 days? Or is it an all day event every day?


This is a jam packed workshop, and we are going to be devoting every minute of our time to you guys through shoots, lectures, one-on-one time, and personal portrait sessions for you. While we will have some down time here and there for some hot tubbin', movie night, meals, dance parties, and so much more - we don't recommend making any other plans while you are down here during the workshop dates.

What if I have a place to stay and don't need to stay a the airbnb?

Oh you def want to stay with us at the Airbnb! We are going to have sooo much going on late into the night that you wont want to miss out on :) Plus, the $2000 includes accommodations at the Airbnb, and its totally up to you if you want to use those accommodations. The price will not change if you decide to make your own accommodations.



Are pets allowed?

As much as we'd love to have your fur baby join us, there are just too many complications with Airbnb rules, as well as possible allergies with other attendees. So sorry!

Still have a question? Shoot us a message!