You're In!

Ah we are SO EXCITED that you are jumping on board with us to become more fully devoted to yourself and your business! Lets do this thing!

As a reminder, here's where we go from here: 

+ You will soon receive a digital contract from us with all the details about the workshop. Please sign that and return it to us within 48 hours of paying your deposit to officially reserve your spot! Otherwise your spot will be given to the next attendee on the waitlist.

+ We want to get to know each and every one of you so badly! We know that we won't get to officially meet you til May, but we want to hear all about you, your business, and your goals until then! Please take the time to thoroughly fill out this Get To Know You form, so that we can better prepare to help you become the photographer you're so devoted to being!

+ Stay tuned for Workshop Emails and Newsletters that will fill you in on details such as official itineraries, our attendee Facebook group, and more!